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Our pretty skulls are real specimens guaranteed cruelty-free because they only come from natural deaths, which is an essential point for us.
We like to feel the energy of the pieces before each realization in order to sublimate their potential in the fairest and most respectful way possible. 
It is a way for us to give them a second life, to reveal their beauty, transforming them into a unique decoration,  ethnic and ethical.


Our jewelry

To make our pretty jewelry, we use lithotherapy stones that we work by hand with love.
Semi-precious stones have an incredible ability to store, transmit and transform energy which allows them to have a real impact on your health, your well-being and your spirituality.
Our models therefore provide you with beautiful energies throughout your days, all with style and originality.
In the interests of quality, we only work with rough stones so that you can benefit from the optimal potential of each mineral.


Our jewelry

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